Reasons For Losing Money In The Market

As you can see, the reason a trader loses money in the market has nothing to do with the market itself or even other traders. It simply depends on how well the trader implements their plan and whether they have a good plan to begin with.

The best trading plans are those that can be made into programs. That way they can give clear signals on when to enter a trade and when to get out. In the same way, the best forex signals are those that have been thoroughly back-tested and proven to have a statistically significant edge over the market.

A good rule of thumb when coming up with a trading plan is to ask yourself “Is this plan simple enough that I can write it into a program and automate it?

If the answer is yes, then you might onto a winner.


Trading is simple, but it’s definitely not easy. It’ll take a while to get good at it. However, like any other field, with enough dedication and passion you can truly achieve financial independence.

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